Feed the Volunteers

Saturday's Menu - December 2nd : Our traditional crock pots of soups, stews and chili - A total of 45 crock pots are needed for this evening.

Sunday's Menu - December 3rd: Your families FAVORITE Casserole - Again, we will need a total of 45 casseroles for the evening.

Please bring your Crock Pot and Casseroles on Saturday afternoon December 2nd. We will be in the cafeteria to receive your food donations beginning at 3:00pm.

Label both the pot and lid with your name. Please attach a note saying what kind of soup you sent or if your chili is of the spicy variety. Using a crock pot with a liner is always helpful to the dishwashers.

Please bring your casserole in a 9 x 13 disposable aluminum pan. Secure pan tightly with a sheet of foil and print the following information on the top foil piece:
"Name/type of Casserole and reheating instructions".

For more information:
Gaye Schindler, Director of Food Services
479-1477, extension 1058

Beverages Still Need Donation
Canisters - Lemonade Mix (Family Size) 15 canisters

Food Items Still Need Donation
Tortilla Chips - Family Size 14 bags
Shredded Cheddar Cheese 2 cup size 19 bags
Nacho Cheese Sauce 108 oz. 5 cans
Dessert Cakes 18 each
Garlic Bread (serves 12) 18 each
Brownies (serves 12) 19 each
Wrapped Mini (Bite Size) candy bars large pkg 10 bags
Cookies (dozen) 21 each
Saturday- Crock Pot Soups, Stews & Chili's 28 crock pots
Sunday- Casseroles 33 crock pots
Corn Chips - Large Bag 9 boxes

Paper Goods Still Need Donation
Bowls- 12 oz. Heavy Duty, 24 ct. 14 packages
Plastic Spoons- Heavy Duty (24ct) 11 packages
Dessert Plates- heavy duty 5 or 6", 24 ct 21 packages
Plates - Heavy Duty 8 or 9", 45 ct. 3 packages
Plastic Cups 12-16 oz., 20 ct 24 packages

First Name:
Last Name:
Phone: (include area code)

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